Grassroots brewery and merch startup - Sunken Cannon Brewery X Campeche Collective (est. 2017)

Campeche Collective gets its name from Jean Lafitte's Galveston Island outpost in the early 1800's. Jean Lafitte, a notorious privateer, was known as sort of a "robinhood" figure for his adopted hometown of New Orleans, eventually becoming a key cog in the United States' victory at the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812. During the Mexican Revolutionary War, Lafitte established Galveston Island as a smuggling base, effectively putting it on the map. At Campeche, we are proud of our Texas roots, and that is evident in many of our designs. This store was created as a creative outlet for our founder, Dakota Mitchell, and we hope you enjoy it too!

Campeche Collective also has a special collaboration with Sunken Cannon Brewery. SCB is currently still a work in progress (some beers have already debuted at a few events), but we are working on getting the name out there. This store is especially dedicated to the area Sunken Cannon calls home - the Texas Hill Country and Texas in general. Profits will go to bringing the brewery to the public via equipment and permitting. Even if you don't know the beer (YET!), we hope you'll like the designs! Please help us in making our dream come true.

Thank you!

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